What are the types of mobile phone holders and what are their characteristics?


Mobile phone holders can be divided into desktop holders, bedside holders, wall sticking holders, ring buckle holders, car holders and other common types of holders according to the location and method of use.

Desktop stand

This kind of stand is the most common in life. Put a stand on your desk or desk, then put the phone on it, adjust the viewing angle, and then you can free your hands and do more things. Up.

Bedside support

This is a kind of bracket for lazy people. Put a bracket on the head of your bed, put your mobile phone on it, and lie down on the bed by yourself, you can easily play mobile phones, watch TV shows, and play games.

Wall bracket

This kind of bracket is generally used in some places that are not convenient to place the mobile phone, and play a role of temporarily placing the mobile phone, such as near the wall socket, near the toilet, and so on.

Ring buckle bracket

This is a kind of stand used with the mobile phone personally. It is glued to the back of the mobile phone, and the mobile phone can be picked up and used by passing a finger through it. And put the stand up on the table, it becomes a simple desktop stand, it is a very practical mobile phone stand.

Car bracket

Car mobile phone holders are a general type, which can be subdivided into sucker type, 3M glue type, magnetic piece connection type, snap type, tray type, etc.

Suction cup

This kind of direct is generally placed on the front windshield, which is convenient and reusable, but it is easy to block the driver's sight, and its adsorption force will weaken over time, and finally fall off.

3M glue type

This type is generally placed on the center console of a car, and is small in size and easy to install. However, you need to keep the center console clean before installation. Dust will reduce its adsorption, and after pasting, it is easy to leave marks on the phone, which is not easy to clean.

Magnetic piece connection type

This is to use the attraction of a magnet to connect to the mobile phone, which is relatively strong and compact. But the disadvantage is that you need to stick a magnetic sheet on the phone, which is not very beautiful.


This is simply the use of physical clamping force to fix the phone, which is easy to install and remove, but the size of the buckle needs to fit the size of the phone screen.

Tray type

This is to use a tray to hold the phone from the side and bottom. This kind of phone is also easy to install and small in size, but the stability will be worse, especially if you walk on some bumpy roads, it is easy to bump.

For car phone holders, you can’t just find a place to install it like other holders, as that will affect driving safety.

The installation of the car mobile phone holder should be such that it is not easy to fall off after installation, does not affect the driver's line of sight, is convenient to take, and the installation location does not affect the driver to take other things.

Generally, car phone holders are installed in these places, such as the central control instrument panel, the air outlet of the air conditioner, the front window glass, under the rearview mirror, and near the cigarette lighter. These places are wide, easy to take, and will not interfere with the driver's line of sight. They are the best mobile phone holders in the car.