Plastic furniture has become a new force in the furniture industry


With the continuous upgrading of environmental protection demand, "with plastic wood" era is coming, plastic furniture with bold color application and fashionable design style is gradually becoming the new force of furniture industry.In recent years, the major brands of high-end plastic furniture products continue to launch, plastic furniture market strategy from low-end mass consumption gradually towards the high-end consumer market development.

One, plastic furniture bright spot is much

Nowadays, the plastic furniture breed that applies to the family is countless: Dine table, cabinet, rice bucket, store content ark, washbasin to wear, shoe to wait for these plastic furniture to have practical not only, and still be the adornment of beautification bedroom.

For example, plastic desk and chair color is bright-colored and rich, light and convenient, the bright spot that can fold at will lets children adore fondly.And this plastic table and chair is not easy to hurt children, more children's daily life to add a lot of fun.

Compared with the traditional wood storage locker, the plastic storage locker has more patterns of texture, and it is very convenient to open or move the storage locker, and the collocation of color and modeling is very coordinated.And plastic chests hold hold concurrently stand to look with light and practical, can place daily clothings to still be able to deposit a few beloved little thing not only, the clothings that puts for a long time is taken air bask in more convenient.

Two, plastic furniture market prospect is optimistic

In recent years, plastic furniture presents a diversification, fine differentiation situation.With the change of consumption concept and the characteristic and diversification of furniture demand, plastic furniture is popular with the young generation. In recent years, many designers and furniture enterprises have launched plastic furniture products with rich elements of The Times, and plastic furniture is gradually becoming the "big cake" occupied by furniture giants.