Office furniture hardware accessories need to use what?


Plastic hardware accessories are commonly used in life, some furniture will be used, but also plays a very key role, office furniture mainly refers to the furniture suitable for office, in the installation and production still need some accessories support, then office furniture hardware accessories need to use what?

Office furniture hardware accessories need to use what?

The most important thing in office furniture hardware accessories is the connection. This product is mainly used for the connection of the base of furniture. Of course, the quality of the product is also very high, which has a great relationship with the later use.

In fact, there is a key accessories on the furniture is the lock and handle, lock and handle do not need me to introduce it, this is necessary for furniture, lock is now in the market with electronic lock and key lock, there are many types of handle, you can choose according to their own requirements.

Office furniture hardware accessories there is a slide, in the drawer is the need to slide, and on the slide is generally made of plastic, in quality as long as we do not desperately use the quality will not have such a big problem.

In office furniture is fixed on the need to stand and castor, these products can have the effect of fixed, placed in the room is also won't appear damage effect, for office products production process is also short of little not, but when we choose a good brand in foot rack quality also is very good, and the type of horse is very personalized and novel, color a lot to the company.

Classification of office furniture hardware accessories:

According to the material classification: zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, iron, plastic, stainless steel, PVC, ABS, copper, nylon, etc

According to the function of classification: structural furniture hardware: such as glass tea table metal structure, the metal leg of the round table and so on

Functional furniture hardware: if ride a horse to draw, hinge, 3 in one join piece, slide track, layer board holds a moment

Decorative furniture hardware: such as aluminum edge, metal pendant, metal handle and so on

Office furniture hardware accessories mainly include screw, wood screw, hinge, handle, slide, diaphragm pin, crane accessories, nail, heading machine, thread rolling machine, transfer machine, metal feet, metal frame, metal handle, wheel, wheel, zippers, pneumatic rod, springs, machinery, furniture hinge, drawer, guide rail, steel, pull basket, hanging bar, sink, basket, shoot the light, skirting board, knife and fork dish, condole hang, multi-function column, the cabinet body combiner.

Nowadays, hardware furniture fitting is more and more attractive to consumer, each furniture company should grasp market trend, take advantage of the trend and for.Hardware furniture accessories market hot, the new development direction of enterprises.